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Cellactor ULTRA

تکنولوژی : Acoustic Wave Therapy & shock wave

Company STORZ medical

Country Switzerland

Radial and focused Acoustic Wave Treatment (AWT) for the treatment of cellulite and wrinkles and for body shaping and skin tightening in aesthetics and dermatology.
Cellactor ULTRA is a new technology and has 3 handpieces: D- Actor, C-Actor and V- Actor.
The focused handpiece of the C-ACTOR® module has been particularly designed for specific cell rejuvenation and smoothing effects. These acoustic waves are used for applications requiring precisely controlled energy input and concentration in adipose and skin tissue: body shaping, scar and wrinkle smoothing, post-liposuction treatment and connective tissue tightening.
D- Actor handpiece, the radial handpiece which is used for removing wrinkles, body shaping and treating type 2 cellulite.
Vibration therapy with the V-ACTOR® handpiece is the ideal complement to Acoustic Wave Therapy. Vibration pulses stretch fascia and tissue fibres, restoring normal tone.

C- Actor handpiece


درمان سلوليت نوع IV - I تناسب اندام و کاهش سايز درمان چين و چروک صورت بهبود الاستيسيته پوست بهبود Mark Stretch درمان زخم هاي مزمن و ديابتيک درمان ناهمواري هاي پوست پس از ليپوساکشن
غير تهاجمي و بدون عارضه ايجاد تايتنينگ افزايش متابوليسم سلولي و تسريع در روند تناسب اندام تحريک غدد لنفاوي و افزايش خونرساني جهت تسريع درمان


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