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The Cosmopulse II CO2 laser is an ablative laser used in minor dermatological surgery. When the beams of the laser are fractionated into tiny columns of energy, it can be used to safely treat scars. The CO2 laser is in fact still the Gold Standard in acne scar management and skin rejuvenation.
These fractionated beams of heat ablate down to the deeper layers of skin, creating channels of deliberate, controlled heat injury. This breaks down old scar tissue, but also leaves areas of healthy tissue to aid in scar healing and remodelling.Compared to previous non-fractional CO2 laser treatments (where the whole area of skin was ablated instead of just portions of it), side effects and downtime are significantly minimised while still promising good results.​
The eCO2 laser is an ablative laser and therefore requires topical anaesthesia with numbing cream. This is applied for 20-30 minutes prior to the procedure, after which minimal discomfort is felt during treatment.
Maximum spot size: 25×25mm2
Minimum spot size: 1×1mm2
3 scan mode of dynamic, rub and randome
Having American scanner
Having high rate due to maximum spot size
Micro fractional scanner
Maximum rate of scanning in compare with other scanners
Maximum number of MTZ in compare with other devices
Diagonal 70- 100 beam, with less thermal effects
High density
Adjusting power, pulse duration and desire depth of penetration
Adjusting distance of laser spot
2 surgical handpiece
Having 3 mode:
Continues wave: by scanner and surgical handpiece
Pulse mode: by scanner and surgical handpiece
scanning mode-:(توسط اسکنر)تعبیه spot size بزرگ این مشکل را ایجاد می‌کند که تمامی نقاط تحت تشعشع دارای انرژی یکسان نبوده و نقاط کناری دارای انرژی کمتری باشند که این مشکل خطر بروز PIH را افزایش داده وdown time را طولانی‌تر می‌کند. برای رفع این مشکل در داخل scanner دستگاه از قطعات اپتیکی و لنز‌های اصلاح کننده استفاده شده که اشعه ورودی را به گونه ای متمرکز می‌کنند که نقطه کانونی همه نقاط کاملا بر روی پوست قرار گرفته و لذا انرژی یکسانی به پوست در تمامی نقاط می‌رسد. نتیجه استفاده از این تکنولوژی عدم بروز PIH، کاهش down timeو عدم نیاز به همپوشانی(overlap) بین دو تابش کنار هم است.

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