Introduction Mehr Ashkar Gostar Company

Mehr Ashkar company was established in 2002, with aim of providing the best qualitative medical equipment in the field of skin, hair, cosmetic, slimming and as well as gynecological lasers. In this way, this company is offering his services and products with obtaining several exclusive delegation from the most famous brands of the world, and also obtaining certificate of quality management system as of the most experienced and most trusted medical and cosmetic companies.
در سالیان طی شده این شرکت با جذب نیروهای انسانی مجرب علمی و فنی و آموزش مستمر آنان و تشکیل گروه‌های مختلف کاری در زمینه تحقیق و توسعه، آموزش، فروش و بازاریابی، فنی و خدمات پس از فروش و … مفتخر است که با سرلوحه قراردادن اصل صداقت، کیفیت و رضایت‌مندی مشتریان، ارتباط موثر و قابل اعتمادی با آنان برقرار نموده است.
During this time, we have tried to share our knowledge and introducing new innovation to our country, by participating in various seminars and congress and holding technical workshops in clinics, hospitals, universities or even at our company.
Now, Mehr Ashkar is providing services to doctors, specialists and other loved ones, in its 5th floor building which has different units as well as halls for offering products and conference center with the possibility of holding theoretical and practical training.