Company Asclepion

Country Germany


Juliet Juliet, is new technology of Asclepion company. This company is one the most famous laser producers such as CO2 and Er: Yag. Due to less complications and best results of Er. Yag laser compared to CO2 laser, is used for vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal atrophy and SUI.


Juliet, is the only standard device which is equipped to Smoke Evacuator system to evacuate smoke and pollotion in the environment. This device consists of 3 hand piece: Vspot 360, Vspot 90 and disposable for inside the vagina and a fractional hand piece for whitening and rejuvenation outside of vagina.
This device contains Fractional Er: YAG laser technology with 2940 nm wavelength. So, Juliet is one of the best laser for treatment the vagina. In this technology, due to the highest ratio of water absorption and humidity of the mucus, maximum laser will be absorbed and transferred into deep layers. This leads no vaginal damages, no burns and less recovery time.
Due to no complications, short recovery time and best results compared to the other procedures such as CO2 laser, is the best treatment for vaginal atrophy, tightening and SUI treatment.


Confirmation from FDA and CE
– دارای هندپیس ˚Nspot 90 و هندپیس ˚Nspot 360 و هندپیس Fractional و یک هندپیس یکبار مصرف
smoke evacuator syster to control and manage plume distribution for greater safety for the provider and patient
100µ، 300µ، 600µ، 1000µ pulses which provide thermal and cold ablation benefits. So, this laser can be used for women after menopause.
Monotone radiation of the laser




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