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Mehr Ashkar Gostar Company

  • ارائه کننده تجهيزات پيشرفته پوست، زيبايي و زنان
  • 20 سال تجربه موفق
  • داراي گواهينامه مدبريت کيفيت…
  • داراي گواهينامه رضايتمندي مشتريان
  • داراي 10 نمايندگي انحصاري از شرکت هاي معتبر جهان
  • ارائه دهنده بالاترين سطح پشتيباني فني و خدمات پس از فروش
  • همکاري با دانشگاه ها و مراکز تحقيقاتي کشور
  • اسپانسر کنگره ها و نمايشگاه هاي تخصصي
  • برگزاری دوره هاي آموزشي ويژه پزشکان

Liposuction Devices

In this group, there are complete spectrum of effective and safe technologies such as liposuction and body reshaping such as body- jet from company of human med (Germany), liposat from company of Mollar (Germany) and Lipolaser from company of INTERmedic (Spain).

Non- invasive Devices

Inn this group, you will get familiar with Shock Wave and AWT technology (STORZ company- Switzerland) for cellulite treatment and tightening, Dual Ultrasound Cavitation (general Projevt company- Italy) for slimming and RF Tightening for tightening and facial and body lift (INTERmedic company).

Surgical & female Laser

In this group, we’ll offer advanced laser of Juliet from Asclepion company of Germany for vaginal tightening and vaginal atrophy, and CO2 laser for surgical procedures.

Lasers of Skin, Hair and Rejuvenation

In this group, you will get familiar with types of advanced laser for hair removal, treating pigmented skin lesions and tattoo, as well as rejuvenation lasers from Asclepion company of Germany and LASEROPTEK company from South Korea.


MeDioStar Monolith

تنوع مدهاي درماني براي رفع موهاي زائد در تمام تایپ‌های پوستی، درمان آکنه، انجام جوانسازي، تايتنينگ و روشن نمودن پوست به همراه انتخاب ضخامت و ميزان تراکم مو، شرايطي را فراهم مي‌آورد که بهترين نتيجه درمان را از ليزرهاي …

MCL31 Dermablate

The MCL31 Dermablate Erbium:YAG laser ablates the skin with a degree of precision that can be measured in microns and can be carried out as a fully ablative or fractional process. This allows a safely and gently remove of wide variety of lesions from the skin at epidermis and dermis level and an effective ablative skin resurfacing. Its reliability and effectiveness have been proven worldwide.

MeDioStar Monolith Alex

سيستم کولينگ هوشمند اتوماتيک تعبيه شده بر روي هندپيس MeDioStar Monolith Alex که از آلیاژی ویژه ساخته شده است ضمن کنترل نمودن حرارت پوست، مانع بالا رفتن دماي سطح پوست و سوختگي مي‌شود و در عین حال حرارت لازم جهت رفع موهای زائد را به …

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Customer Satisfaction is the most important principle of medical equipment supplier of Mehr Ashkar company. Our company offers the best medical products by taking account the demands of the customers.

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Experience engineer of our company try to offer the best services in installation and repairing of medical equipment.

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